Teach your child gently

Teach your child gently - Kids react positively to tender methods of disciplining than to constant shouting and threatening.

Scolding or beating your child for every little mistake will only serve to make them more rebellious. Disciplining a child is something that needs to be handled carefully, delicately and with plenty of love.

Here's how to discipline your child:

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- Set examples for them to follow.

Kids tend to ape the behaviour of elders. If you want them to get habituated to doing something, you should do it too. For example, throw the garbage in the bin or straighten out your bed when you wake up or eat without chomping on your food, your kid will automatically learn and follow.

- If kids are unruly in a public place, be patient and try reasoning out with them first.

If they still don't pay heed to you, resort to some stern words. If the behaviour continues, walk away from them. However, remember to not raise your voice or slap them, this will result in them throwing tantrums to gain attention — negative or positive.

- Always treat your kids as grown-ups.

They too look for respect and importance from parents. Compliment them on a task well done, include them in decision making like choosing their clothes or shoes or the colour for their room, etc.

- Try not to scold your child. If you lose your temper, it will only reveal your weak spot and kids are quick to pick on those and use them effectively.
Also, follow the manners you're trying to teach your child. For example, say please or sorry or excuse me instead of pushing people out of your way.

- If your kid is misbehaving in front of guests, don't scream at them.

Wait till you get back home and then explain strictly that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Also, warn them that if they repeat this behaviour, you will have to take stern action. ( indiatimes.com )

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